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Pookles here.

let's roll it.

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Deelle is my name, but not really. I may or may not buck up the courage to have the late Ludwig van Beethoven tattooed on me someday. He is my spirit animal who happens to share the same birthday as I do. Photographer/writer wannabe, wanderer, collector of art supplies, geek, nerd, confused amateur gamer. I like having German pretzel for breakfast.,

I bring my notebook and art supplies everywhere I go if I could. Music and strangers are my biggest inspirations.

Why 'TWARVGBERRY'? You know one of those days you randomly come up with some weird name and find it cool that you want to make full use of it by making it your username? That was once upon a time when I was 15, sitting near a berry bush.

See my 'interest' section.


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